🌀 Illusions that Hypnotize

Feb 5, 2021

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1. Feeling trippy?

Find the perfect outfit for your own personal smoke and jam sesh…We know everyone needs to relax after this week month year. We’ve collected some of the trippiest patterns we could find to complete our Optical Illusions apparel collection.

Geo Squares Yellow Yoga Leggingsyellow spiral yoga leggingsyellow dazed yoga leggingsyoga leggings blue geo squares

Blue Domino yoga leggingsRed yoga leggings

yellow geo squares pencil skirtred dazed pencil skirtblue geo squares pencil skirtred optical illusions pencil skirt

  • They will see right through you! Or at least it will look that way when you wear our optical illusions unisex all-over-print unisex t-shirts! You can enjoy arguing with everyone over which color combo they see later — white and gold or blue and black?

psychedelic illusions unisex graphic tshirtblack and white vortex graphic tshirtblack and yellow vortex graphic tshirtblue dazed graphic tshirt

With great apparel come great accessories.

Why limit yourself with great designs? We certainly didn’t. Beyond the fun collection of men’s, women’s, children’s, and unisex apparel, we’ve added great options like face masks and smartphone cases. This way, you can travel everywhere you go in style.

  • Cloak your phone in hypnotizing illusions (and protect it at the same time). Explore the gorgeous rays of the Sunrise design and the mesmerizing royal blues in the Domino and Geo Squares. Look deeply into the Dazed collection available in red, yellow, and purple options. Outfit your phone in the hottest patterns; it’s sure to be a conversation starter that shows off your impeccable style.

psychedelic smartphone casered geo squares smartphone caseblue geo squares smartphone casered sphere smartphone case


yellow dazed socksblue dazed socksred geo squares sockssocks

Explore more accessories in Optical Illusions.

2. Revamp your living space with HGTV-level skills.

Add optical illusions that will make those magical mushroom experiences that much more potent…

  • Working from home has its benefits, but that bare wall you keep staring at is going to drive you mad. Give yourself some peace of mind with a fresh makeover by adding an indoor tapestry that soothes your pandemic stress while drawing you into its calming patterns. Don’t you feel better already?

yellow spiral tapestrypsychedelic tapestrysunrise tapestry

  • These pillows would make the Property Brothers swoon. Upgrade any couch or comforter with aesthetically stunning visual patterns. My personal favorites are the Geo Squares, Black and White Hexagon, and the Sunrise prints…but there are so many colors, shapes, and designs. Find what mooves you!

blue geo squares pillowsunrise decorate pillowblack and yellow spiral decorative pillowblack and white spiral pillow

blue dazed mugblue geo squares mugyellow domino mugblack and white vortex mug

  • Options for travel are limited, but you can still take advantage of the ocean, shower, or pool! Discover the fun and funky patterns in our sumptuous beach towels. They are sure to make your experience that much more splash-worthy this summer (or year-round, if you’re in Miami, like us).

psychedelic illusion beach towelSunrise beach towelblack and white vortex beach towelyellow spiral beach towel

Check out the entire Optical Illusion set for housewares.

What else we’re wearing

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